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Long-Term Disability Attorneys

Disabled and can’t work? A claim denial notice for your disability claim can be devastating. Our Kentucky disability lawyers can help you get the benefits you need and deserve.


ERISA Disability Attorneys

ERISA disability claims can be extremely difficult when the insurance company has denied your benefits. Don’t give up, our Kentucky ERISA lawyers will take on the insurance giants for you.


Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

You paid the insurance company for years. Now, when you really need the benefits, your insurance claim has been wrongfully denied or delayed. Our Kentucky bad faith attorneys can help.

Bad Faith

Life Insurance Claim Denied Attorneys

Life insurance companies notoriously deny claims. A life insurance claim denial can make this time even more difficult. Our Kentucky bad faith lawyers can help you get paid.


Lexington, Kentucky Disability Lawyers
Insurance Attorneys

Our ERISA disability lawyers and insurance attorneys understand how difficult it is fight the insurance company for the benefits you deserve after your claim has been denied. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. Call us today or request a free case evaluation to find out what you need to do. We won’t sell you short or settle for anything less than you deserve and there is never an upfront fee.

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Claim been denied? Insurance company giving you the runaround? Start with a free case evaluation.

Kentucky Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

Together, the insurance attorneys at Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson have helped injured plaintiffs to recover tens of millions of dollars from insurance companies and other defendants around the Commonwealth and the United States.

If you are dealing with an insurance company that refuses to pay, you can rely on our experience and tenacity to help you obtain the justice you deserve. We represent people and businesses involved in disputes with insurance companies, people injured in car accidents, people whose insurers have denied their long-term or short-term disability benefit claims, and those injured by another’s negligence, including legal and medical malpractice.


Sometimes you just have a question or concern about a denied insurance claim. No matter if it is ERISA, long term disability insurance, homeowners insurance or life insurance claims that have been denied, our insurance attorneys are happy to answer your questions.

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Kentucky ERISA Disability Attorneys

Our Kentucky ERISA disability lawyers help people like you obtain insurance or employee benefits, such as long term disability, life insurance and accidental death benefits.

You were promised these employee insurance benefits. You may have paid a substantial amount for these employee insurance benefits. So, if you are dealing with a disability, serious illness or death of a family member and your insurance claim has been denied, you need our experienced team of  Lexington ERISA disability lawyers on your side.

Insurance companies will often deny an insurance claim or cause an unreasonable delay in paying your employee insurance benefits. Without an experienced  Kentucky ERISA lawyer, you may never receive the insurance benefits you deserve. Our Kentucky ERISA lawyers will fight to get you the insurance benefits that you were promised.

In this difficult time, you need to concentrate on healing. Let our ERISA lawyers take on the insurance company for you.

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Disability Lawyer in Kentucky


Communicating with our clients and being responsive to their needs is a cornerstone of our success. We’ll return your calls and keep you informed.

Lexington Disability Lawyer


Our ERISA disability lawyers and bad faith attorneys build lasting relationships with our clients and the community based on caring service and trust.

Kentucky Disability Lawyer


Our lawyers take the worry and burden of your denied claim off your back. We will fight the insurance company for you to get the benefits you deserve.

“Your firm has been a great help. I wish everyone in the legal system would be as proficient and courteous as you have been. Hiring your firm has been one of the few bright spots through this whole ordeal because of the dedication you have shown. Thank you and God bless!”

Ryan, Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Client (2014)

“Elizabeth Thornsbury and Bartley Hagerman were truly a blessing to me and my family. I could not have been more pleased with their knowledge and professionalism with my disability claim. The thing that really set them apart from other lawyers I had used was their accessibility. I could call the office and talk to one of them right then, or I would get a call back within the hour. I would recommend them without reservation!”

Eileen, Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Client (2015)

“We were very happy in the way Mehr Fairbanks represented our car wreck case. Attorney Bartley Hagerman got my family a fair amount and I feel justice was served. Thank you Mehr Fairbanks for all your hard work and time spent.”

AMANDA, Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Client (2015)

“Mr. Mehr was wonderful. He kept me updated at each stage of my case, and took the time to fully explain the law to me. I’m very satisfied with my case result!”

PATTY, Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Client (2011)

“I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this wonderful firm. I received the best quality of care during this time. I was heard and respected, and it made all the difference. Regarding legal matters, it is best to work with competent, trustworthy and likable people. If you’re looking for these people, call Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Trial Lawyers!

My first impression of Austin Mehr was a relief compared to previous lawyer ‘interviews.’ Mr. Mehr is approachable, confident, enthusiastic and kind — but most importantly he believed in me and my case. After a brief 30 minute meeting, my search was over. Mr. Mehr was undeniably poised, professional and confident. His research was thorough and timely. When I felt overwhelmed, Mr. Mehr’s courage helped me stay calm and collected. Grace under pressure is vitally important during a lawsuit, and Austin never faltered.

Extra: Austin advised me through a fender-bender incident and paperwork for no extra charge!”

MORGAN, Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Client (2017)

“I have worked with Mehr Fairbanks for several years on my case. My attorney, Bartley Hagerman, was very knowledgeable and truthful. I had many different kinds of legal things we went through, but Mehr Fairbanks was always reassuring and explained things well. Overall, after dealing with them for several years and them backing me up, things turned out great. I have and will continue to recommend them.”

EDDIE, Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Client (2015)

“When my short-term and long-term disability benefits were denied, Mehr Fairbanks fought on my behalf to get my benefits approved. If it wasn’t for Bartley Hagerman at Mehr Fairbanks representing me, I’m sure I never would have gotten my disability approved. I am very happy with the work they did and how they kept me informed every step of the way!”

RICHARD, Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Client (2015)

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