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When it comes to private life insurance, most insurance carriers will pay death benefits as soon as you supply the required documentation. However, thousands of life insurance claims are denied each year, often wrongfully so. The amount of money withheld each year by life insurance companies is staggering. If your life insurance claim has been denied, call the life insurance attorneys at Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson, Trial Attorneys, PLLC. We take on the big life insurance companies and fight for our clients until they receive the benefits they deserve.

Exclusion Clauses Favor Insurance Companies

Every life insurance company has but one goal in mind: To make money. Insurance companies do not make a profit by paying every claim, so they incorporate exclusion clauses into the life insurance policy that, of course, favor them. For example, most insurance policies have a “dangerous activity” clause. They use this clause to exclude claims resulting from dangerous activity such as base jumping and skydiving unless you pay a much higher premium.

Possible life insurance exclusions include:

  • Act of war
  • Aviation (private aircraft crash)
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Dangerous activity
  • Illegal activity
  • Material misrepresentation
  • Misstatement of age
  • Suicide

Time Period Exclusions

Often, life insurance policies have an initial time period of exclusion, usually two years, during which a life insurance claim may be denied for numerous reasons. This may be the most common reason why claims are denied. For example, a friend or family member purchased a private life insurance policy and then 30 days later he was killed in an accident that was deemed a possible suicide. The private life insurance policy may deny that claim based on two possible exclusions in the life insurance policy. First, the death occurred within the first two years of the policy where benefits can be reduced or denied, and second, the death was deemed a possible suicide within the first two years of the policy and suicide is a specific exclusion during the first two years that the private life insurance policy was in effect.

Insurance companies will deny your private life insurance claim based on any number of exclusions or ambiguous language in the private life insurance policy. If your private life insurance policy has been denied, call us. We take on big private life insurance companies and make them pay our clients every penny they deserve.

Contestable Period

When you apply for life insurance, private life insurance companies do little to verify the information on your application. Some life insurance companies will make an effort, requiring things like a health examination, but others will rely on you to state your health, age, and other information correctly. However, when you die, private life insurance companies can take as long as they want to investigate your claim. They will examine all of the information that you provided on your private life insurance application looking for flaws. Private life insurance companies will often deny your life insurance claim due to an omission or mistake that you made on the private life insurance application, no matter how small. To make matters even worse, your private life insurance company may have noticed error before the policy was issued and did nothing to correct it. They did so with full knowledge that your private life insurance would later be denied.

If this sounds familiar to you, call us today. We won’t let the private life insurance company deny your claim without a fight. We will take on the private life insurance company for you.

Ambiguity in Private Life Insurance Policies

Although state laws limit exclusions, private life insurance companies often use terms ambiguously and later interpret that language in their favor to deny your life insurance claim. They do this by manipulating facts, inventing excuses and even discounting official autopsy reports. Skilled representatives also know where to look for loopholes.

Private life insurance companies are experts at denying claims. We won’t let them get away with it. Call us today. We can help.

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