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  • Chronic Pain Syndrome Disability

Denied of Chronic Pain Syndrome Disability Benefits?

Fighting for Chronic Pain Syndrome Disability Benefits Chronic Pain Syndrome Disability claims can have various proof issues. This is true for private long-term disability (LTD) insurance or group insurance plans. Disability examiners need objective evidence of how your condition keeps [...]

Insurance News & Information

Insurance Company Can’t Use Litigation to Prevent a Bad Faith Claim

On January 31, 2017, Honorable Thomas D. Wingate, Franklin Circuit Court's Division II Judge, granted Plaintiff Lisa Warren's motion for partial summary judgment and denied Defendant Auto-Owners' motion for summary judgment. The Court held that Ms. Warren had satisfied the first [...]

Disability News & Information

  • Denied of Back Disability

Were you Denied of Back Disability Benefits?

Some form of back disability affects most people at one time or another, inhibiting their ability to work. The bulk of back injuries are short term, and workers can resume their employment. Yet for some, a disabling back injury can [...]

  • Denied of Ataxia Disability

Were you Denied of Ataxia Disability Benefits?

Denied Ataxia Disability Benefits? People dealing with ataxia disability often face overwhelming life challenges. Ataxia is a neurological condition that impairs balance and physical movements. Victims can experience an increasing failure of muscle coordination and erratic muscular action, and much [...]

  • Anxiety Disability

If Your Claim for Anxiety Disability is Denied

Individuals suffering from anxiety disability face each day as a challenge. Because anxiety is difficult to measure medically and objectively victims of anxiety disorders are often denied when they attempt to claim disability benefits. Many of the people we help [...]

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