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Liberty Mutual Disability Claim Denied

///Liberty Mutual Disability Claim Denied
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Was Your Liberty Mutual Disability Claim Denied?

So, Liberty Mutual has denied your disability claim. Unfortunately, you are not alone. Liberty Mutual leads the way in consumer complaints according to a report prepared by the American Association for Justice. That same report listed Liberty Mutual as one of the 10 worst insurance companies in America.

We won’t let Liberty Mutual or any other big insurance company push around our clients or shortchange them in any way. Give us a call today, we’ll fight to get you paid.

About Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual, based in Boston, Massachusetts, and you don’t need to try hard to find multiple lawsuits filed against them and numerous complaints made to state insurance commissioners or online message boards. There are numerous stories by individuals complaining that Liberty Mutual unreasonably delayed payment of their disability benefits or wrongfully denied their disability claims.

Sadly, many people give up without a fight. They think that the insurance company has the last word. But an insurance policy is a contract, whereby you agree to pay a premium each month in exchange for liberty mutual pain you a disability benefit in the event that you become disabled and unable to work. Like any contract, if one party fails to live up to the agreed terms, the other party has recourse. This doesn’t always mean litigation, but it does often require an experienced disability attorney’s assistance to force Liberty Mutual to pay.

Contact An Experienced ERISA Disability Attorney

If Liberty Mutual is jerking you around or wrongfully denied your claim, don’t give up, give us a call. The experienced Lexington ERISA disability attorneys at Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson, Trial Lawyers, may be the best chance you have at getting the benefits you deserve. Don’t suffer another day, call our ERISA disability attorneys today. We’ll fight to get you paid.

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