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ERISA Disabling Conditions

Disabilities and disabling conditions come in many forms and have many names. You may be able to find information about your condition here, but if you do not find it on this list of disabling conditions, it does not mean that you do not qualify for ERISA disability. If you cannot work due to an illness or injury and your employer has a disability insurance plan that you participate in, you should contact one of our ERISA disability lawyers for a complete case review.

Fibromyalgia Disability: Obtaining your Long Term Disability Benefits

What Is Fibromyalgia Disability and How Can It Be Diagnosed? Obtaining Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits for Fibromyalgia can be an arduous task. Here at Mehr, Fairbanks, & Peterson, we will walk you through the process of proving your case to reverse your denied claim. The simplest definition of fibromyalgia [...]

Disability Claims for Eye Diseases and Impaired Vision

Numerous conditions cause eye disease and impaired vision. Loss of eyesight can present a tremendous obstacle to earning a living. If your claim for disability benefits for an eye impairment was denied, do not hesitate to contact Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson Trial Lawyers. We help disabled workers fight back and [...]

Obtain Epilepsy Disability Benefits With Your Long Term Disability Insurance Carrier

Epilepsy affects over 3 million Americans. Despite all available therapies, many people live with persistent epileptic seizures, and deal with complications from the side effects of treatment. At Mehr, Fairbanks, & Peterson, we are dedicated to obtaining epilepsy disability benefits for clients across the U.S. who have this particular condition [...]

Can I Get Disability Benefits for Hearing Loss?

Obtaining disability benefits for a hearing impairment can be quite a challenge. A ruptured eardrum, an infection of the outer or middle ear, vestibular and inner ear disorders (such as vertigo and Meniere’s disease) or hearing loss can seriously disable an otherwise healthy, hardworking individual. Those who suffer from incessant [...]

Diabetes Disability – Getting the Disability Benefits You Need

Millions of Americans are affected by diabetes mellitus. Disability claims filed by those who live with the disease are often denied benefits, even though the claimants are truly no longer able to work. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of people across the country with diabetes to overturn claim denials and secure [...]

Was Your Claim for Depression or BiPolar Disability Benefits Denied?

If you or a loved one suffering from depression or bipolar disability and are being denied benefits, call our law firm for prompt legal help. If your claim is with your disability insurance company, we can assist you. As with physical injuries, not everyone with depression qualifies for disability benefits. [...]

Have Benefits for Dementia Disability Been Denied?

People affected by dementia disability face the enormous challenges of living with the disorder, while at the same time they and their families struggle to apply for and obtain Dementia disability benefits. Dementia, in all of its forms including Alzheimer’s disease, is an emotionally and financially draining event in the [...]

Denied for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?

Have you been denied for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease? For patients struggling with COPD disability, it can be difficult to prove that your illness actually prevents you from working and supporting yourself and your family. Our attorneys can pursue your disability benefits for COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – [...]

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