You pay the insurance company for coverage on your home or commercial building, but when a catastrophe strikes they DON’T always pay you.

Home and commercial building policies are a combination of liability insurance and property insurance. Under the terms of the policy, the insurance company must provide a legal defense if another person sues the home or building owner for an injury that occurs on the property. Disputes arise when the insurance company fails to defend these so-called third-party liability claims. Other disputes can arise over delayed, denied or underpaid claims for property damage.

Mehr, Fairbanks & Peterson knows the law, has experience with insurance company tactics,and will fight for the payments that are fair and justly yours.

Many homeowner's claims involve disagreements over the value of the lost or damaged property. Based on information from respected experts in property evaluation, we will work to secure full payment for the fair value of your losses.

Disputes may be decided based on the interpretation of the policy language regarding exclusions to the policy. Our knowledge of the law, the facts and insurance company tactics allows us to challenge the applicability of exclusions and deliver to you a fair and just resolution.

If there is evidence of insurance bad faith and we prevail in the underlying homeowner's dispute, we may pursue punitive damages against the insurer. While many of our cases are resolved through negotiation or mediation, we are experienced trial attorneys who will advocate on your behalf at trial and on appeal.

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